With more than 8 million people flying daily, it’s no secret that airports are one of the busiest places on Earth. That’s not even taking into account the hundreds of staff members working inside the airports too. From monitoring your employees as a manager to tracking flights as a passenger and everything in-between, the need for more organization is dire.

In today’s world, the solution is literally right at our fingertips. Antikythera Technologies has shaped a game-changing solution that will reimagine the way airports operate worldwide. We use cutting-edge Bluetooth BLE technology that connects passenger’s smartphones to various strategically-placed beacons throughout the airport.

From here, travelers can navigate their way around, locate points of interest during layovers, access exciting promotions, find out how long it will take to get to their gate, and more. This way, passengers can save a mountain of time and stress – knowing whether they have time for that 5-minute coffee or not.

With the added convenience of being able to notify friends and family members as to your exact whereabouts, so they can meet you at your location, it’s a win-win all around.

Airport management scores the most, with intuitive access to real-time employee locations. What better way to optimize the internal operations and organization of your airport? What’s more, should any of your passengers require a wheelchair, your staff members can use the app on their smartphones to locate the closest one and request a real-time pick-up and help with Wheelchair assistance at all airport.

The concept is based on the same model as Uber, delivering on-demand service when and where it’s needed the most. Our technology tracks items via indoor positioning determination. If a BLE tag is attached to the item, such as a wheelchair, it can connect to the closest BLE beacon and send alerts to those who need them.

However, all of this is just the beginning. We’ve taken things one step further with the added ability to incorporate wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, to help both travelers and staff members navigate and receive helpful alerts.This is particularly relevant for travelers whose hands are always full of multiple pieces of luggage, tickets and more. Pulling your smartphone out of your pocket is not always possible. Imagine if one glance at your wrist could tell you exactly where to go?


This is the reality of Antikythera Technologies.

We pride ourselves on developing concepts with the power to simplify and streamline the way the world moves; fusing passion with experience and expertise to make a difference.

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