Assembly line

This just in: BLE technology from Antikythera Technologies is set to disrupt and redefine manufacturing as we know it! When it comes to your assembly line, everything needs to operate line clockwork. One mishap, and everything can fall apart – especially when it comes to complex assembly lines like automobiles and other forms of transportation equipment. With Antikythera Technologies, you’ll never have to worry again. Allow us to explain.

We’ve created cutting-edge Bluetooth BLE technology that connects every stage of your assembly line with every worker. How does it work? Simple. By installing strategically-placed BLE beacons throughout your assembly line, your workers can stay in-the-loop with every little thing that happens along the way.

  1. The assembly line manager can view every stage of the line at a glance, accessing key data and insights.
  2. When equipment arrives or leaves, the people who need to know about it will know about it. Provided the vehicle is equipped with a BLE tag, it can connect to the nearest beacon to send updates.
  3. When a load is ready to move to its next location, your staff will be alerted, enjoying convenient updates too.

At the end of the day, countless components are needed to keep an assembly line alive and kicking. With such powerful BLE technology by your side, you’ll never have to worry about unanticipated hiccups again. Everything works via powerful indoor positioning determination. You’ll be able to enjoy faster assembly processes, less labor, and minimal time wasted. The concept is very similar to something like Uber, delivering on-demand guidance and support where and when it’s needed the most – in this case, your assembly line. No more wasted time. No more stress.

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