Automotive Dealership

The day in the life of a car dealership owner or manager is no walk in the park. How many clients do you see in one singly day? How many cars and keys do you have to manage? Chance are, far too many. That’s why Antikythera Technologies has crafted an innovative line of Bluetooth BLE beacons, designed to streamline, simplify and organize your daily life.

How does it work? Simple. We strategically place a number of beacons throughout the dealerships we serve. We also equip each car, set of keys – you name it – with cutting-edge BLE tags that connect to each beacon. Your employees can also download the app to join in the action. The result? Everything is connected, and you’ll get to enjoy more peace of mind than ever before.


  1. Always know exactly where your cars are. You can easily login to the system to find a specific vehicle. No more keeping your clients waiting or twiddling your thumbs while one of your employees tries to find a hiding motor vehicle.
  2. If a vehicle is taken out for a test drive, or arrives back from one, you’ll know about it. The car will pass through the beacon placed at the entrance of your dealership, alerting the people who need to be alerted.
  3. Your customers also score, with the ability to download the app and browse for the car they’re searching for. They can also find their way around the dealership with ease.
  4. Speaking of your customers, they can also access exciting deals and discounts. If you offer them, they’ll find them. Simple.

Everything works via powerful indoor positioning determination. Think of the concept as something similar to Uber, delivering on-demand service where it’s needed the most. No more wasted time. No more stress. This is the future of your dealership. It’s here, and it’s here to stay. Are you ready?

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