Hospitals and large clinics save lives every day. However, the logistics and management of internal resources can make it challenging for staff members and doctors to do what they do best – what with multiple departments on hundreds of thousands of square meters of space.

When releasing a patient, one of the most important things is to be able to locate a wheelchair without delay. If the patient is in pain or struggles to walk alone, this is all the more important. You need access to staff members for assistance, as well as an ETA so you can let your patient know how long they can expect to wait.

This is just an example of the countless pieces of hospital equipment that are needed at any given moment. What if you could track your expensive hospital equipment – from beds to ECG heart monitors, wheelchairs and beyond? This is the reality provided by Antikythera Technologies. We specialize in advanced technology solutions that simplify and streamline the activities of hospitals and clinics.

Our cutting-edge technology tracks medical equipment by indoor position determination. Let’s say a piece of equipment is not meant to leave a certain area. If it does, a message will be triggered, and people of importance will be alerted. Every employee will be granted access to the location of the equipment through our app or desktop application. You can use your smartphone or tablet to access a crystal-clear 2D or even 3D map for intuitive indoor navigation.

How is this possible? Through advanced BLE tags. These are battery-operated hardware components that you can attach to every piece of medical equipment that you wish to track. Along with strategically-placed BLE beacons throughout the building, you’ll never have to worry about missing medical equipment again. No more guessing games. Everything works with Bluetooth technology. Each tag receives a Bluetooth signal, going on to send the data received to the indoor navigation system. From here, the equipment’s position is quickly calculated, and the data is sent to all employees for viewing at a glance.

This is just the beginning. You can also use the BLE tags and beacons to track and monitor the whereabouts of employees, visitors and patients. With an estimated battery life of more than a year, you can finally focus on what matters most, providing world-class medical care, knowing that the finer details are always fully taken care of – thanks to Antikythera Technologies.

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