Supermarkets can be chaotic places. People generally want to get in and out as fast as they can, and not being able to find what they need (when they need it) can cause a lot of shopper frustration. Thankfully, 21st century technology means you can easily and efficiently eliminate this concern.

Antikythera Technologies provides supermarkets like yours with powerful BLE beacons, strategically placed throughout your store. These small, battery-powered and wireless devices work in unison with an app available for download by consumers. Provided they have it installed on their phones, your customers and staff members can perform a myriad of tasks whenever they come in contact with a BLE beacon:


  1. Consumers can easily be notified and discover more about current discounts running in your store. This will save them an endless amount of time, abolishing the need to distract your workforce or browse discount booklets.
  2. There is little more frustrating than needing to do your shopping, but not being able to find a trolley. If the rack is empty, hope is not. Your employees and customers can simply log into the app to locate the nearest available trolley. Simple. This is possible through cutting-edge Indoor Positioning Determination. As long as a trolley is tagged, it can be hunted down in a matter of seconds.
  3. Let’s say a customer is lost, and cannot for the life of them find the product they’re looking for – let alone the department. There’s no need for them to bother or distract your busy employees anymore. They can simply log into the app and use powerful GPS tracking to find what they need, when they need it. It’s easy, fast and reliable.

You can also track and monitor your employees, speed up sales, get customers in and out quicker, and ultimately, grow your ROI. After all, with happier customers come more money. This is just the beginning, and the list of things this technology makes possible is truly endless.

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