Underground Subway

In today’s fast-paced society, subways are a primary form of transformation for millions of people all around the world. In fact; in New York alone, more than 4.3 million people ride the subway system every day…and more than 1 billion a year. Unfortunately, countless people still face endless frustration with the system. It’s not upcoming for people to miss their trains owing to unreliable, clashing information.

Sometimes, updates are provided – but how are people expected to hear this with earphones in their ears? People also need updates about delays, arrival times and more. For example; if someone only knew their train would be delayed, they could have wasted less time hanging around and arrived on time for the train.

Antikythera Technologies makes this and so much more possible through advanced Bluetooth BLE technology. Here’s how it works. We help our clients to strategically place numerous BLE beacons throughout their subway station. As long as the passengers have the accompanying app downloaded onto their smartphone, they can perform a myriad of tasks to simplify and streamline their daily lives.

  1. Passengers can use their own smartphones to monitor train arrival and departure times. They can also book tickets, and receive an ETA while they are on the moving train.
  2. If a passenger does not know where his or her platform is, or which one they need to go to reach their destination, they can do so by checking their smartphone – provided they are in range of our cutting-edge BLE beacons.
  3. Passengers can easily check how long it will be until the train arrives, giving them more time to plan their schedule and minimize their wasted time.
  4. We haven’t forgotten about the guards that keep your subway safe. They can keep an eye on what’s happening in and around the station, and stay informed to assist passing passengers.

In today’s world, there’s no better way to improve the operational efficiencies of your subway station, while increasing your revenue through asset tracking, communication, security and other proximity-based solutions.

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